Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Battle of Shortyarse.

Well got them old bones on the table for the first time on Sunday. Quite a learning experience, first time I have played warhammer for 20 odd years.

The game started with the dwarfs firing there canons at my corpse cart seemingly it is a bit of a bane. Well initially it looked like a lift off until the ward save was remembered and it trundled on. The undead rushed (shambled) to shut the range down and get into striking business. In his attempts to raise recruits the necromancer managed to destroy 4 Skeltons on his first spell and rendered himself useless on the second.

The master plan to flank his main force with my best unit was coming a cropper. The dwarfs were smashing unit after unit, I was discovering that crumble doesn't just apply to rhubarb.

Eventually my vampire Lady (Lord) made it into combat with the grave guard in tow. The dwarfs were 5 wide and 7 or 8 deep. The rune master challenged her to combat, 5 attacks, high initiative and good strength I thought it was a sure thing. It turned out quite the opposite, armour save of 2+ made it hard to wound and crap dice didn't help. In the first round of combat I thought I had lost as his extra ranks told. Crumble began shredding the ranks all looked lost.

His big bad ass dwarven unit was taking apart my last unit of skeletons, just the corpse cart, grave guard and a unit of wolves left it looked bad.

The corpse cart rolled into the back of the dwarfs fighting the grave guard and although my vampire kept whacking the dwarven hero's shield the killing blow from the grave guard began to take hold as they chewed through the remaining dwarves. A massive round for me and it was all over as the dwarves collapsed in bloody ruin.

Things were looking good unfortunately time had run out. It came down to how many units you had killed and I had lost. Abother turn or two and I think it would have been a wee bit different. But I will take a first game close lose it was interesting.

Thoughts on the rules. Warhammer is a skirmish game turned into a big battle game. The core rules a clunky but simple but constant referral to check what everything does is a faff. The magic has been reworked many times and I did not hold out much hope but I was pleasantly surprised it felt and acted like big game magic.

The added rules for everything is irritating why you need to check if he has his finger up his arse rule all the time makes the game horrifically slow. I am interested to see how warmaster plays I do like big battle rules.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

First game

In a marathon session I got all the basing finished plus 30 more zombies that arrived that day. This gives a total of 60 zombies, 60 Skeltons, 20 ghouls, 7 dire wolves, 1 corpse cart and 4 personality figures.

In the package that arrived there are 40 more Skeltons and 20 ghouls. There are 5 black knights winging through the post and I have 10 of the mantic ones although I am definitely selling them as unlike the rest of the range they are quite poor.

I must be mad but it is quite a sense of achievement. Will write up the first game report after tonight! Huzzah!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


My command figures. Not finished these yet but this is a race against time.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Corpse Cart

Well the quest to get this lot finished continues, although I have a bit more time now as I won't be gaming until the 27th of January. I spent most of last night getting the corpse cart sorted, I have to say it is a great model. I also dug out some possible opposition for them in the form of Italian war Landschnecks and heavy knights.

I spent most of last night on the Corpse Cart, figure it will be worth the extra effort on the table. Probably got another evenings work on it to go on it but I thought I would post what I have done so far.

Not sure about basing it yet as the workshop base is rubbish and warped. For such a nice model it seems made to put such cheap and poor bases in

The theme for my undead is Italian City States. So far I have gone for Pisa, Lucca and Siena. They are all located in the same part of Italy and fought each other quite a bit with Siena coming out on top before being absorbed by Florence.

I have also been thinking about some terrain I think I will need a few wee thing to get the right feel. Possible a ruin or two and a graveyard. Possibly thinking of a tower or the like, maybe leaning.