Friday, 11 January 2013


I was taken aback by the standard of games put on at my local club. A lot of players seem to be happy putting untainted figures on the table some only partially built. I heard the same excuse that it too long to paint and that it is not important as they like the fluff.

I bought a army deal from mantic games and now I want to see how fast I can paint it up. The deal consisted of 60 skeletons, 30 zombies, 20 ghouls, 10 knights and a female vampire. I got a tin of Skelton bone spray and some dip and I was ready to go.

So far I have finished 9 skeletons and 30 zombies and the main girl. In the pipeline are the ghouls and 11 skeletons. I have splashed out and got a corpse cart from GW. I started this paint-a-thon on 7th January I am hoping to get a game on the 17th.

I am also building some bespoke terrain as a lot of the lads seem to be happy with ugly tables.

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